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Finnish Schottische --- Jack in the Green

Barnacle Bill --- Blue Peter theme tune

The New-Rigged Ship

Off she goes

Oyster girl

the Female Rake

the Spanish Jig

Mathew Briggs

Patsy Geary's

The Road to Lisdoonvarna

Going to the well for water

Seven Stars

the Lad's Dance

Mopsi Don

Lads of Foelay

Carefree Young Lads

Dingle Regatta

Sweets of May


Nellie the Elephant

the Humours of Enistymon

Clocks Back Jig

Blarney Pilgrim, The

Banish Misfortune

Athol Highlanders

the Jig of Slurs

Catherine Hahirs

Lark in the Morning

Drops of Brandy

Foxhunter's Jig

Sir Roger de Coverley

The Glenside Polka

The Power Cut Bourree

Pilling Moss

The High road to Galloway

Denis Murphy's polka

The £42 cheque

John Ryan's polka

Donkey reel

Soldiers joy

Flowers of Edinburgh

Fairy dance

Devil among the Tailors

Curlew Hills

The Swedish barn dance

John Peel

the Green ship

St Kilda Wedding

Salmon Tails up the Water

Jimmy Allen

Scotland the Brave

Cock o' the North

100 Pipers

The Westphalia Waltz

Midnight on the Water

the Penobscot Waltz

Dashing White Sergeant


The Swedish Masquerade

Dark Girl Dressed in Blue

Reel Béatrice

Tam Lin --- Howling Wind



Banshee, The --- McMahon's

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