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Some modern tunes, from various friends and other contributors. These are inherited from the old Richard Robinson's Tunebook, where people couldn't input their own tunes directly. Here, you can just register an account and do it for yourself without needing RR as an intermediary, so I presume this section has stopped growing. Notice also that some of these come from Andy Hornby, who is now entering his own material directly, which presumably supercedes the versions here.



Mouse on the Duvet

Danny Boy

Pat Smokes


the Gingersnap Reel

Jayne's Jig

Too Much Beer

Tanner's March

Richards Polska

Kali Horo

Solid Joy --- the Disorderly

Richards Next Polska

the Cat Needs Feeding

the Mouse in the Sports Hold-All

Dance of the Vugs

the Porcupine bit

Alan's Jig

3 Wet Moose

Alans Reinländer


the Disorderly (GHB scale) --- Solid Joy

the Jocular Constable

Harum Scarum

Fluff on the Carpet

Major Coxcomb's Mazurka

the New Dresser

Butter Side Up

Clocks Back Jig

Pheasant Feathers

St. Andrews Breakdown

the Rabbit Men

Mazurka du Lally

the Wedding Waltz

Herald of Bores

Pay the Piper

Talk me out of it

the Wyresdale Hornpipe


the Hangover

the Pogo Stick

Bashful Alley

la Grande Tortue Blue

the Broken String

2 Francs Worth

Off the Handel --- Ashton's Folly

Butchers of Droitwich

Deep Cutting

the Jolly Boaters

Polka for Charles

Wendy's Waltz


Sally's Jig

And Another Thing

Paddy Mulligans Jig


a Scotsman in Mexico

Jenkin's Rise

Freehold Polka

Juliet's Mazurka

Gwenda's Welcome to Lancaster

les Retro-Glisseurs

Farewell to Nun Street

Mr. Hornby's Minuet

Denny Beck

Fiona's Return from Canada

the Castle O'Trim

the February March

the Windmill Rag

Henry's Cat

the Recovery

the Trip to Slaidburn

Spanish Dream

Bourrée Norbert Dentressangle

Snade Mill

Young Andrew's Gallop

Bourrée Jess Abrahams

the Woodville Waltz

Timely Consent

l'Amant Suisse

Songs for Sarajevo

Thunderhead (6/8)

Thunderhead (7/8)

Richards Welcome to Lancaster

Jul polska

Repeal the Poll Tax

The Successful Premedical Student (for Krissi)

On the Rach.


the Bug Dream

Weasel Waltz


Weltschmerz Waltzes

the Happy Singularity

Speed the Pretzel


Ask The Fiddler Again

Star Of Te Aroha

Camping With Roosters


The Best Place Is In The Kitchen


Mabbers gate

Hip Hip Bouree

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