William Marshall's Scottish Melodies, Reels, Strathspeys volume 2nd (1845)Document listWilliam Marshall, Kinrara (1800)
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A Collection of
Strathspey Reels
With a Bass for the
Violoncello or Harpsichord
Composed by Wm Marshall
Price 2/6

Printed for Neil Stewart and Sold at his Music Shop Parliament Square Edinburgh
Where may be had
3 Books of Scots Songs with Symphonies ... Each 2/6
McGlashan's Strathspey Reels ... 5/-
McLean's Scots Tunes with variations ... 5/-
McGibbon's Scots Tunes 3 Numbers Each ... 2/6
Marches and Airs 1st and 2nd Books ... 6/-

Many titles are of the form "So and So's Reel. a Strathspey". In these cases, I've taken the tune-type out of the title, leaving it as "So and So's Reel", or whatever, and set the type into the "Rhythm" field. Any rhythms that are not definitely stated in the original (ie, that are RR's guesswork) are indicated with a questionmark. And, yes, "Reel. a Strathspey" does happen.

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Lord George Gordon's Reel

Mr Johnsons Reel

Arthur's Seat

Gollochys Farewel

George's Square

Run down the Town in Haste

Lady Charlotte Gordon's Reel

Miss Admiral Gordon's Reel

the Road to Berwick

Mrs Ross' Reel


Miss Gordon of Cairnfield's Reel

Miss Abercromby's Reel

Miss McQueens Reel

Lady Susan Gordon's Reel

Tune 6581 is not readable
Miss Gordon of Glastirum's Reel

Marquis of Huntly's Reel. a Strathspey

Anderson's Rant

There's nae Harm Done Goodwife

Lady Louisa Gordon's Reel

Miss Jeanny Williamson's Reel

The Illumination 9th Feb 1781

Miss Barbara Stewart's Reel

A Hornpipe

Mrs Gordon of Bellie's Reel

Miss Gordon of Bellies Reel


Johnston's Reel

Miss Jeanny Ross's Reel

Duchess of Gordon's Reel

Miss Hopkins Reel

Miss Ross's Reel

Tune 6582 is not readable
Miss Agnes Ross's Reel

Lady Anne Gordon's Reel

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