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James Blackshaw MS


North Shropshire

%%abc-alias James Blackshaw MS
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%James Blackshaw MS,1837,North Shropshire
%Transcribed by Tony Weatherall, 2006
%Revised Jan 2008
%Many tunes beyond the comfort range for fiddle.
%Many suitable for a Quadrille band.
Lord Strangres March in 1st and 2nd. JBs.001

Waltz by Davis. JBs.002

Lady Salisbury's Whim. JBs.003

Mrs Cafrey. JBs.004 --- Mrs Casey,aka. JBs.004

Huntsman's Chorus,The. JBs.005

Untitled Jig. JBs.006

Untitled. JBs.007

New Carfino,The. JBs.008 --- New Casino,The. JBs.008

Flowers of Edinburgh,The. JBs.009

Arebloon Hornpipe,The. JBs.010 --- Air Balloon Hornpipe,The,aka. JBs.010

Mountain Hornpipe. JBs.011 --- Holywell Hornpipe,aka. JBs.011

White Cockade. JBs.012

Copenhagen Waltz. JBs.O13

Rose Dance. JBs.014

Grove,The. JBs.015

Jockey To The Fair. JBs.016

New Castle Hornpipe. JBs.017 --- Kirkgate Hornpipe,aka. JBs.017

Rose Tree Quick Step,The. JBs.018

Old Kiss My Lady JBs.019

Manfrinas. JBs.020 --- Montferina,aka. JBs.020 --- Italian Montferina,aka. JBs.020

Soldiers Joy,The. JBs. 021

Manfrina. JBs.022 --- Montferina,aka. JBs.020 --- Italian Montferina,aka. JBs.020

Auld Lang Sine. JBs.023

Of She Goes. JBs.024 --- Off She Goes,aka. JBs.024

Girl I Left Behind Me,The. JBs.025

Wandering Boy,The. JBs.026

Jacks Alive. JBs.027

Fisher's Hornpipe. JBs.028

Miss Reynors Hornpipe. JBs.029 --- College Hornpipe,aka. JBs.029

Miss Bakers Hornpipe. JBs.030

Lord Nelson's Hornpipe. JBs.031 --- Saxon's Hp,aka. JBs.031

Shropshire Hero,The. JBs.032

A Scotch Quadrill. JBs.033 --- Johnsons Reel,aka. JBs.033 --- My Love She Is But A Lassioe Yet,aka. JBs.033

All Round My Hat,A New Dance. JBs.034

Swiss Boy,The. JBs.035

Ellesmere Quick,by Davies. JBs.036

Miss Latons Hornpipe. JBs.037 --- Long Odds,aka. JBs.037

Untitled Waltz.#53 JBs. 038

Kerry March.#34 JBs.039

Shilf,The JBs.040 --- Sylph,The,aka. JBs.040

Flowers of Edinborough. JBs.041

Quick Step. JBs.042

Liverpool Hornpipe. JBs.043 --- Sweep's Hornpipe,aka. JBs.043

Capurchin,The. JBs.044 --- Capuchin,The,aka. JBs.044

New Shropshire March,The,#50. JBs.045

Quick Step.#55. JBs.046

Waltz. JBs.047

Captain Wake,A Quick Step. JBs.048 --- Capt. White's,aka. JBs.048

Quick Step,The,#46. JBs.049

Shady Willow. JBs.050 --- Constant Billy,aka. JBs.050

Quick March. JBs.051

Copenhagen Waltz,The. JBs.052

Untitled March.#43 JBs.053

Freedom And Liberty. JBs.054 --- Swaggering Boney,aka. JBs.054

March of 4 Dragoons Gards. JBs.055 --- 4th Dragoons Guards March,aka. JBs.055

Prime Of Life,The. JBs.056

Morgiana in Spain. JBs.057

No Luck About The House. JBs.058

Rosetree,The. JBs.059

Walls of Madrid,The. JBs.060

Shuter's Hornpipe. JBs.061

Quick Step.#4 JBs.062

Untitled Reel. JBs.063

Queen Of Paris. JBs.064

Weymouth Quick Step,aka. JBs.065

Quick Step. JBs.066

Quick Step. JBs.067

Bugle Quick March.#51. JBs.068

Quick Step.#3 JBs.069

Mrs Cholmondely's. JBs.070

Nightingale Quick Step,The. JBs.071

Quick Step. JBs.072

Sociable,The. JBs.073

New Midsummers Day. JBs.074

Hinry? Quarter. JBs.075

Hunting The Rabbit. JBs.076

Clever Lad,The. JBs.077 --- Because He Was A Bonnie Lad,aka. JBs.077

Web's Quick Step.#6. JBs.078

Ashley's Hornpipe. JBs.079

Quick Step. JBs.080

Oyster Girl. JBs.081

Whitchurch Hornpipe. JBs.082

New Dance,A. JBs.083 --- Come Ashore Jacky Tar,aka. JBs.083

Roast Beef,The. JBs.084

No. 85. JBs. 085

Troop. JBs.086

Spanish March,The. JBs.087

Mery Motion. JBs.088 --- Merry Motion,aka. JBs.088

Turnpike Gate,The. JBs.089

Irish Washerwoman,The. JBs.90

Garryowen. JBs.091

Le Native Quadrill. JBs.092 --- Life of a Man,The,aka. JBs.092

King Of Prussians Quick Step. JBs.093

Allice Gray. JBs.094

Young May Moon,The. JBs.095

Untitled. JBs.096

Untitled. JBs.097

untitled. JBs.098

Quadrill. JBs.099

Quick Step.#3(G) JBs.100

Kinloch Of Kinloch. JBs.101 --- Blow The Wind Southerly,aka. JBs.101

Jubilee Waltz. JBs.102

Untitled. JBs.103

New Chaplain. JBs.104

Life A Bumper,1st Part. JBs.105

Sea,The. JBs.106

New Ridg Ship,The. JBs.107 --- New Rigg'd Ship. JBs.107

Instilation Quick Step,The. JBs.108

Sea,The(2),First Part. JBs.109

Trotting March Of Russia Caveltry. JBs.110

Untitled. JBs.111

King,The. JBs.112

Barber Of Seville,The,aka. JBs.113 --- Quick Step. JBs.113

Untitled.#44 JBs.114

Tanke,The. JBs.115

Barber Of Seville,The,aka. JBs.116 --- Quick Step. JBs.116

Untitled.#15. JBs.117

Hunting The Hare. JBs.118

Go To The Devil and..,aka. JBs.119

Shrewsbury Quarry. JBs.120 --- La Belle Catherine,aka. JBs. 120

March In Blue(beard). JBs.121

Sicilian Dance,The. JBs.122

L(or)Hand Lady.? JBs.123 --- Kate Dalrymple,aka. JBs.123

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