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Dated 1812
Supposed to originate from Leyburn, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire


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Miller's Rant. WCa.01

Merrily Dance The Quaker. WCa.02

Duncan Davison. WCa.03

Royal Review. WCa.04

Bung Your Eye. WCa.05

Hymn For Christmas Day. WCa.06

Chos(?) Brisk(?). WCa.07

Lord Barnard's March. WCa.08

Green Grow The Rushes. WCa.09

Miss Wedderburn's Reel. WCa.10

Cameronian's Rant. WCa.11

Devil's Dream,The. WCa.12

Off She Goes. WCa.13

Lochaber. WCa.14

Speed The Plough. WCa.15

Moon & Seven Stars,The. WCa.16 --- Seven Stars. WCa.16

Croppies Lay Down. WCa.17

Go To The Devil & Shake Himself. WCa.18

Pease Upon A Trencher. WCa.19

Heaving of the Lead,The. WCa.20

Banks & Braes of Bonny Doon,The. WCa.21

Trip To Bengall,A. WCa.22

Sailor's Liberty,The. WCa.23

All Hands Upon Deck. WCa.24

Life Let Us Cherrish. WCa.25

New Rigg'd Ship,The. WCa.26

Sir David Reel. WCa.27

Miss Baker's Hornpipe. WCa.28

Beggar's Girl,The. WCa.29

Edinborough Hornpipe. WCa.30

Admiral Lord Nelson's Hornpipe. WCa.31

No.1 Hornpipe. WCa.32

Newcastle Hornpipe. WCa.33

Jack's Alive. WCa.34

Tink a Tink. WCa.35

Russian Dance. WCa.36 --- Opera Hat. WCa.36

Self Dance. WCa.37 --- Sylph,The,aka. WCa.37 --- Plymouth Lasses,aka. WCa.37

Honey Moon. WCa.38

I'll Never Leave Thee. WCa.39

Keel Row,The. WCa.40

Nong Tong Paw. WCa.41

Grinders,The. WCa.42 --- Our Bride is No Maid,aka. WCa.42

Ranger's Hornpipe,The. WCa.43

Saxona's Hornpipe. WCa.44

Dutch Skipper. WCa.45

There's nae luck about the house. WCa.46

Chapter of Things. WCa.47

Seymour's Reel. WCa.48 --- Torryburn Lasses,aka. WCa.48

Batchelor's Hall. WCa.49

Butcher's Hornpipe. WCa.50

Slingsbys Allemand. WCa.51

Gabio,The. WCa.52 --- Gobbeo,aka. WCa.52

Money Musk. JC.073

Goddess,The. WCa.54

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