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Holton le Moor,Lincolnshire

%%abc-alias T.J.Dixon MSS
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%T.J.Dixon MSS 1&2,Holton le Moor,Lincolnshire,1798
%Transcribed by Ruairidh Greig, 2010
God Save the King. TJD.01

There Was a Jolly Miller. TJD.02

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Tit for Tat. TJD.03

Spectre Song. TJD.04

Blue Bell of Scotland. TJD.05

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Rule Britannia. TJD.06

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Tink a Tink. TJD.07

Royal Quick Step,The. TJD.08 --- Boys and Girls Come Out to Play,aka TJD.08

Chapter of Kings. TJD.09

Good Queen Bess. TJD.10

Sions House. TJD.11

Richmond Hill. TJD.12

Lord Yarborough's March. TJD.13

Lass a Way. TJD.14

Rose,The. TJD.15

Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself. TJD.16

Soldier's Joy. TJD.17

Favourite March in Volentine, A. TJD.18

Dusty Miller,The. TJD.19

White Cockade,The. TJD.20

Hull Dock Company's March,The. TJD.21

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Dusty Miller,The. TJD.22

Sodiac. TJD.23 --- Zodiac,aka. TJD.23

Sally Kelly. TJD.24

French in Confusion,The. TJD.25

Hannaverion Waltz. TJD.26

Three Captains,The. TJD.27

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Girl I Left Behind Me,The. TJD.28

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Roving Boys of Pleasure,The. TJD.29

O Dear What Can the Matter Be. TJD.30

Jenny Bawbee. TJD.31 --- Polly Put The Kettle On,aka. TJD.31

Lads and Lasses. TJD.32

Belle,La. TJD.33 --- Davy Davy Knick Knack,aka. TJD.33

Welch Bard. TJD.34 --- Men of Harlech,aka. TJD.34

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Jigg. TJD.35

Easy Aair. TJD.36 --- Shepherd's Hey,aka. TJD.36

Jigg. TJD.37

Little Sixpence. TJD.38

As Sure As the Devil's in Lincoln. TJD.39

God Save the King. TJD.40

Tink a Tink. TJD.41

Grand March in Bluebeard,The. TJD.42

Allemand,The. TJD.43

March. TJD.44

Sions House. TJD.45

Bellisle March. TJD.46 --- Monks' March,aka. TJD.46

Little Gipsee,The. TJD.47

La Bell. TJD.48 --- Davy Davy Nicknack,aka. TJD.48

Lango Lee. TJD.49 --- Banks of the Dee,aka. TJD.49

Lowland Lasses,The. TJD.50 --- Kate Dalrymple,aka. TJD.50

Royal Quick Step,The. TJD.51 --- Boys and Girls Come Out to Play,aka. TJD.51

Jigg,A. TJD.52

Favorite March in Volentine,A. TJD.53

London March,The. TJD.54

New Lango Lee. TJD.55 --- Banks of the Dee,aka. TJD.55

True Courage. TJD.56

Maid of the Mill,The. TJD.57

Lord Yarborough's March. TJD.58

Blue Bell of Scotland. TJD.59

Rose Tree,The. TJD.60

Grano's March. TJD.61

Blue Bell of Scotland. TJD.62

Grand March,The. TJD.63

Dying March of General Wolfe,The. TJD.64

Lady Coventry's Minuet. TJD.65

Bugle Horn,The. TJD.66

Come Haste to the Wedding. TJD.67 --- Haste to the Wedding,aka. TJD.67

Del Caro's Hornpipe. TJD.68

Moll in the Wad. TJD.69

Beggar Girl,The. TJD.70

Speed the Plough. TJD.71

Forest,The. TJD.72

Grinders,The. TJD.73

Marlbrouk. TJD.74

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