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Charles J. Fox

1829 - 1832

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Pinolara(?),La. CJF.001 --- La Pinolara(?). CJF.001

Été (L'). CJF.002 --- l'été. CJF.002

Aline, L'. CJF.003 --- L' Aline. CJF.003 --- Soldier Won't You Marry Me, aka. CJF.003

I'll gang nae mair to yon town. CJF.004

petit tambour,La. CJF.005 --- La petit tambour. CJF.005 --- Grand Old Duke of York. CJF.005

Rosa. CJF.006

Mozarts Military Waltz. CJF.007

Mr Grimstocks Waltz. CJF.008 --- Poor Mary Lies A'Weeping, aka. CJF.008

Beggar Girl,The. CJF.009

Waltz. CJF.010

Trip to the Cottage. CJF.011

Moss Roses. CJF.012

Rose Fragrante,La. CJF.013 --- La Rose Fragrante. CJF.013

Waltz, A. CJF.014

Emperor of Austria's Waltz. CJF.015

Bugle Waltz No.4. CJF.016

Waltz. CJF.017

C'est L'Amour. CJF.018

Beethoven's Waltz. CJF.019

Cytheria,La. CJF.020 --- La Cytheria. CJF.020

Saxe Coburg Waltz,The. CJF.021

Waltz, A. CJF.022

New Tyrolese Waltz. CJF.023

Waltz. CJF.024

Waltz, A. CJF.025

Waltz. CJF.026

Waltz. CJF.027

Thorn,The. CJF.028

Rudolphe, Le. CJF.029

Waltz. CJF.030

General Rutozoff's Waltz. CJF.031

Emperor of Russia's Waltz. CJF.032

Blink o'er the burn, my sweet laddie. CJF.033 --- No.1. CJF.033

I'd be a Butterfly. CJF.034 --- No. 2. CJF.034

Birds are singing sweet my Love,The. CJF.035 --- No. 5. CJF.035

Scots come o'er the Border. CJF.036

Oh povera me. CJF.037 --- No.3. CJF.037

Waltz. CJF.038

Waltz. CJF.039

On this cold flinty Rock. CJF.040

Fox . CJF.041

Waltz, A. CJF.042

Waltz of the 3rd Dragoon Guards. CJF.043 --- 3rd Dragoon Guards Waltz. CJF.043

Waltz. CJF.044

Waltz. CJF.045

Di Tanti Palpita. CJF.046

Waltz, A. CJF.047

Oh no we never mention her. CJF.048

Bell Quick Step,The. CJF.049

Kelvin Grove. CJF.050

King!God bless him,The. CJF.051

Cendrillon,La. CJF.052 --- La Cendrillon. CJF.052

Duchesse,La. CJF.053 --- La Duchesse. CJF.053 --- Brunswick Quadrill No.1. CJF.053

Swiss Boy,The. CJF.054

Innocent,L'. CJF.055 --- L'Innocente. CJF.055 --- Brunswick Qudrill No.2. CJF.055

Poule (La). CJF.056 --- La Poule. CJF.056 --- Brunswick Quadrill No.2. CJF.056

Hibernie (L'). CJF.057 --- L'Hibernie. CJF.057 --- Brunswick Quadrill No.2. CJF.057

Marie,La. CJF.058 --- La Marie. CJF.058

Brunswick (La). CJF.059 --- La Brunswick. CJF.059 --- Brunswick Quadrill No.5. CJF.059

Piocris,La. CJF.060 --- La Piocris. CJF.060

Marina,La. CJF.061 --- La Marina. CJF.061

Quadrill. CJF.062

Quadrill. CJF.063

Pythia,La. CJF.064 --- La Pythia. CJF.064

Cynthia,La. CJF.065 --- La Cynthia. CJF.065

Quadrill. CJF.066

Quadrill. CJF.067

Quadrill. CJF.068

Coryphee,La. CJF.069 --- La Coryphee. CJF.069

Automne,L'. CJF.070 --- L' Automne. CJF.070

Leporella,La. CJF.071 --- La Leporella. CJF.071

Virginie,La. CJF.072 --- La Virginie. CJF.072

Etrangére,L'. CJF.073 --- L' Etrangére. CJF.073

Nightingale,The. CJF.074

Brighton Waltz. CJF.075

Waltz by W Allen. CJF.076

Waltz De Vauxhall. CJF.077

Quadrill. CJF.078

Cornwall's Sett. CJF.079 --- Miss Ellison's. CJF.079

Cornwall's Sett. CJF.080 --- Miss Ellison's. CJF.080

Tho' Love is warm awhile. CJF.081

Quadrill from Manchester. CJF.082 --- La Virginie. CJF.082 --- Manchester Quadrille. CJF.082

Marriage of Rosina - Finale. CJF.083

Quadrill from Watson's Book. CJF.084

Caller Herring. CJF.085

Carnival de Venise, Le. CJF.086 --- Le Carnival de Venise. CJF.086

Matilda (La). CJF.087 --- La Matilda. CJF.087

deux amis, Les. CJF.088 --- Les deux amis. CJF.088

Hurrah for the Bonnets O' Blue. CJF.089

Lepine,La. CJF.090 --- La Lepine. CJF.090

Pantalon,La. CJF.091 --- La Pantalon. CJF.091

Quadrill from Watson's Book. CJF.092

Berri,La. CJF.093 --- La Berri. CJF.093

Biondiana,La. CJF.094 --- La Biondiana. CJF.094

Cherry Ripe. CJF.095

Pleyel's Rondo. CJF.096 --- Rondo. CJF.096

From Johnson's Book. CJF.097

German Waltz. CJF.098

Waltz, A. CJF.099

Waltz. CJF.100

Waltz. CJF.101

There's nae luck about the House. CJF.102 --- Nae Guid Luck,with var., aka. CJF.102

Kemmies awa'. CJF.103 --- Hexham Races, aka. CJF.103

Bugle Waltz No.1. CJF.104

Bugle Waltz No.2. CJF.105

Bugle Waltz No.3. CJF.106

Waltz of the East York Militia. CJF.107 --- Bugle Waltz No.4. CJF.107 --- East York Militia Waltz. CJF.107

Campbells are coming,The. CJF.108

Cottage Waltz,The. CJF.109

Polish Waltz,The. CJF.110

Queen of Prussia's Waltz. CJF.111

My Ain kind Deary,with vars. CJF.112

Veritable Chasse,La. CJF.113 --- La Veritable Chasse. CJF.113

Waltz. CJF.114

Waltz. CJF.115

French Quadrille. CJF.116

Pleyel's Rondo. CJF.117

Waltz. CJF.118

Beethoven Waltz. CJF.119

Waltz. CJF.120

Waltz. CJF.121

Valentine's Tempo di Minuetto. CJF.122

Waltz. CJF.123

Waltz. CJF.124

Waltz. CJF.125

Waltz. CJF.126

Polacco. CJF.127

Waltz. CJF.128

Atkins Menagerie (Air from). CJF.129 --- Air from Atkins Menagerie. CJF.129

Atkins Menagerie, From. CJF.130 --- From Atkins Menagerie. CJF.130

Wounded Hussar,The. CJF.131

Waltz, A. CJF.132

Brussels Waltz,The. CJF.133

Cheltenham Waltz,The. CJF.134

Waltz. CJF.135

Swiss Waltz, A. CJF.136

Waltz. CJF.137

Reed Waltz,The. CJF.138

Mrs Bullengards Waltz. CJF.139

Quadrille. CJF.140

Wertenburg Waltz. CJF.141

Waltz. CJF.142

Waltz. CJF.143

Sunset Waltz,The. CJF.144

Brunswick Waltz. CJF.145

Evening-star Waltz,The. CJF.146

Gondola Air. CJF.147

Gentle-moon Waltz,The. CJF.148

Love was once a little Boy. CJF.149

Cotillion. CJF.150

Gallopade. CJF.151

Quadrille. CJF.083a

Quadrille. CJF.153

Hunt's Quadrille. CJF.154

Waterloo. CJF.155

Strike the Light-Guitar. CJF.156

Thema. CJF.157

I've been roaming. CJF.158

Slow broke the light. CJF.159

Young Love once dwelt. CJF.160

Oh!say not Woman's Heart is bought. CJF.161 --- say not Woman's heart is bought,Oh!. CJF.161 --- Woman's heart is bought,Oh! say not. CJF.161

Roslin Castle. CJF.162

Sun that lights the Roses,The. CJF.163

Waltz. CJF.164

Soldier's Gratitude. CJF.165

Faithless Emma. CJF.166

Bill Jones. CJF.167

House that Jack built,The. CJF.168

Greek,Dance,The. CJF.169 --- Lord Byrons. CJF.169

Pantaloon Quadrille, aka. CJF.170

Not a Drum was heard. CJF.171

Smile again my Bonnie Lassie. CJF.172

Fly away pretty Moth. CJF.173

Royal Charlie. CJF.174

Last Rose of Summer,The. CJF.175

Draw the Sword Scotland. CJF.176

Oh!Balmy breeze that fans the Seas. CJF.177 --- Balmy breeze that fans the Seas,Oh!. CJF.177

Maid of Orleans,The. CJF.178

Anacreon in Heav'n. CJF.179

Love's Delightful Hour. CJF.180

Waterloo Medal,The. CJF.181

England the Home of the World. CJF.182 --- Downfall of Paris, aka. CJF.182

Market Chorus in Masaniella,The. CJF.183

Rose that's ceas'd to Blow,The. CJF.184

Quadrille. CJF.185

Quadrille. CJF.186

Rest Warrior Rest. CJF.187

Allice Gray. CJF.188

Lorayda. CJF.189

Marian Gray. CJF.190

Waltz. CJF.191

Glasses sparkle on the Board,The. CJF.192

Pilot,The. CJF.193

Waltz. CJF.194

Waltz. CJF.195

Waltz. CJF.196 --- Mozart Waltz. CJF.196

French Waltz, A. CJF.197

Ausberg Waltz. CJF.198

Villager's Waltz,The. CJF.199

My own Blue Bell. CJF.200

Waltz. CJF.201

Ladies God bless them,The. CJF.202

Oh! Then dearest Ellen. CJF.203

Arrow Waltz,The. CJF.204

Robber's Waltz,The. CJF.205

What's more pleasing to the Eye. CJF.206

I stood amid the glitt'ring throng. CJF.207

My heart is sair. CJF.208

Clarence Waltz. CJF.209

Saxon Waltz,The. CJF.210

Miss Denison's Waltz. CJF.211

Miss Dering's Waltz. CJF.212

Lennox Waltz. CJF.213

Liecester Waltz,The. CJF.214

Waltz. CJF.215

Bremen Waltz,The. CJF.216

Tempo Waltz,The. CJF.217

Waltz. CJF.218

Cossack Waltz,The. CJF.219

Mozart's Favourite Waltz. CJF.220

Woburn Waltz,The. CJF.221

Russell Waltz,The. CJF.222

Spanish Waltz. CJF.223

Waterloo Waltz. CJF.224

Pantalon Waltz,La. CJF.225 --- La Pantalon Waltz. CJF.225

Waltz. CJF.226

Waltz. CJF.227

Gaelic Waltz. CJF.228

Waltz. CJF.229

Bath Waltz, aka. CJF.230

Waltz. CJF.231

Waltz. CJF.232

Waltz. CJF.233

Waltz. CJF.234

Waltz. CJF.235

Lord Seymour's Waltz. CJF.236

Waltz. CJF.237

Waltz. CJF.238

Lady Egermonts Waltz. CJF.239

Waltz. CJF.240

Miss Thompson's Waltz. CJF.241

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