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A.J.Hughes MS

north Shropshire

%%abc-alias Albert J.Hughes
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.7 [01/01/2010]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%VMP Neil Brookes 2006
%Revised 12/2008
%Revised again 12/2009
%Multi-voice tunes reformatted by Phil Taylor (with mince pies and Balvenie Doublewood) 12/2009
Sir Rodger de Coverly. AJH.001 --- Sir Roger de Coverley,aka. AJH.001

Triumph,The. AJH.002

Miss Leigh's Fancy.2voices. AJH.003

Quick and Merry.2voices. AJH.004

March the 3(?) by S(?) Wien.2voices. AJH.005

Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be?2voices. AJH.006

Jingling Johnny.2voices. AJH.007 --- Kate Dalrymple,aka.2voices. AJH.007

March by H(or J).Hughes.2voices. AJH.008

A Very Grand March by WL.2voices. AJH.009

Mill of Howth.2voices. AJH.010 --- Duchess Of Hamilton's Rant,aka.2voices. AJH.010

Set of Quadrilles. AJH.011

Illegible.3voices. AJH.012

Captn Edwards Waltz. AJH.013

Untitled. AJH.014

Danish March.2voices. AJH.015 --- Napoleon's Grand March,aka.2voices. AJH.015

Lass of Gowry,The. AJH.016

No1. AJH.017

Conquering Hero,The.2voices. AJH.018

Rory O'Moore.3voices. AJH.019

Paddy O'Rafferty.2voices. AJH.020

Honey Moon. 2voices.AJH.021

Lord Cathcart Dance.2voices. AJH.022

Gipsey's Hornpipe. AJH.023

Hanley Hornpipe. AJH.024

West Cottage Hornpipe. AJH.025 --- Horse Block Hornpipe. AJH.025

Albert Hughes'Waltz,aka. AJH.026

Waterloo Dance. AJH.027 --- Blanchland Races,aka. AJH.027 --- Timour the Tartar,aka. AJH.027

Wragg's Duetto the 28th,aka.3voices. AJH.028 --- Untitled.3voices. AJH.028

Ally Croaker. AJH.029 --- Crocker's Reel,aka. AJH.028

Trip to the Cottage. AJH.030

French Set of Quadrilles. AJH.031

Green Hills of Tyrol. AJH.032

Mill Mill O,The,aka. AJH.033 --- Deadly Wars,The,aka. AJH.033

Set of Quadrilles. AJH.034

Wragg's Duetto No20,A March,aka.3voices. AJH.035

Set of Quadrilles. AJH.036

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