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William Irwin

Lake District


%%abc-alias Wm Irwin MSs
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Billy Pitt. WI.001

Green Sleaves(!). WI.002 --- Green Grow The Rushes O,aka. WI.002

Reel. WI.003

James McKenney's Hornpipe. WI.004 --- Bantry Bay,aka. WI.004

Gilsland Hornpipe,aka. WI.005

Brampton Reel. WI.006

North Tyne. WI.007

Wounded Hussar,The. WI.008

Keswick Bonny Lasses Hornpipe. WI.009

Liverpool Hornpipe,The. WI.010

Wind That Bloeth The Barley. WI.011

Queen Caroline. WI.012

Queen Caroline's Waltz. WI.013

Jonney Cope. WI.014 --- Johnny Cope,aka. WI.014

Tyrol Waltz. WI.015

Another Type of Waltz. WI.016

Russian Waltz. WI.017

Hungarian Waltz. WI.018 --- When I Was A Lady. WI.018

Mountain Boy,The. WI.019 --- Had I The Wings Of A Dove. WI.019

La Canderllonly Rosue(sic). WI.020

Didelots Dance In Virginia. WI.021

Waltz. WI.022

Rob Roy. WI.023 --- Duncan Gray,aka. WI.023

Mrs Casey,aka. WI.024 --- Quadrille No5. WI.024

Carlton House. WI.025

Il Etait Une Bergere? x026 --- Quadrille. WI.026

Stybarrow Crag. WI.027 --- Sunderland Pier,aka. WI.027

Loyalist's Hornpipe. WI.028 --- Back Of The Haggard,aka. WI.028 --- Kershaw's Hornpipe,aka. WI.028

Calgarth Hornpipe. WI.029

Bank's Hornpipe. WI.030 --- Storrers,aka. WI.030

Lancashire Hornpipe. WI.031

A Touch Under The Blankett. WI.032 --- Touch Under The Blankett,A . WI.032

Kendal Hornpipe. WI.033

Kendal Reel. WI.034

Windermere Regatta. WI.035

Ward's Hornpipe. WI.036

Hump Landlay. WI.037 --- Over The Dike Bellow. WI.037

Durham Hornpipe. WI.038

Brian O'Niel. WI.039

Old Spedlings Castle's Ghost's Dance. WI.040

Buonapart's Coronation March. WI.041

Queen Victoria Step Gallop. WI.042

Julien's La Polka. WI.043

Lass Of Richmond Hill. WI.044

King's Polka. WI.045

Young Napoleon's Waltz. WI.046

William Irwin's Quickstep. WI.047

Hornpipe,A. 048

Dalston Forge. WI.049

Strathspey,A. WI.050

Latrigg Side. WI.051

Briggham Hornpipe. WI.052

Miss Greenup's Strathspey. WI.053

Miss Greenup's Reel. WI.054

Bonny Crossing The Alps. WI.055 --- Boney Crossing... WI.055

Raughton Head. WI.056

Tumblers Hornpipe,aka. WI.057 --- Washington Hp,aka. WI.057

Banks Of Burdisel(?),The. WI.058

Poll Of Wapping,aka. WI.059

Elterwater Hornpipe. WI.060

Elterwater Quickstep. WI.061 --- Lamb Skinnet,aka. WI.061

Scant Of Silver. WI.062

Orton Hornpipe. WI.063 --- Manchester Hp?aka. WI.063 --- Rickett's Hp?aka. WI.063

Orton Lodge. WI.064

Hunchback,The. WI.065

Dr. Stanley's Hp.(incomplete). WI.066

Through The Wood Spinning. WI.067

London Morgeanian(?),The. WI.068 --- Morgianna In London?aka. WI.068

Circassian Circle. WI.069

Hornpipe,A. WI.070

Miss Gayton's Hp,aka. WI.071

Jas. Porteous' Lamentation..... WI.072

Hornpipe,A. WI.073

Wee Willie's Strathspey. WI.074

Mr Richardson's Jig. WI.075

Wee Annie's Hp. WI.076

Mr. Irwin's Favourite Waltz. WI.077

Croppies Lie Down. WI.078

New Bridge At Glasgow,The. WI.079

Quadrille,A. WI.080

Bonnie Dundee. WI.081

Greig's Strathspey. WI.082

Sherriff Muir. WI.083 --- Kafoozalum,aka. WI.083

Hewitson's Hp. WI.084

Maid Of Isla. WI.085

Iron And Coke Hornpipe,aka. WI.086

Napoleon's March. WI.087

Summer Is Coming. WI.088

General Jackson. WI.089

Golden Stream Varsoviana. WI.090

Original Varsoviana,The. WI.091

Lal(Little) Schottische,The. WI.092

Christmas Comes But Once A Year. WI.093 --- Greensleeves. WI.093

Patronello. WI.094 --- Petronella,aka. WI.094

Here's A Health To All Good Lasses. WI.095

Portobellow Hp. WI.096

Miller Of Drone,The. WI.097

Green Grows The Rushes O. WI.098

Lancashire Hp. WI.099

Original Varsoviana,The. WI.100 --- Varsoviana,The Original. WI.100

Triumph,The. WI.101

Star Of The Ball Radowa. WI.102

Modal Hornpipe. WI.103

When Arthur First to Kirk.. WI.104

Banister Hornpipe. WI.105

Lancaster Hornpipe. WI.106 --- Swan's Hornpipe,aka. WI.106 --- Fox In The Dumps,aka. WI.106 --- Exiseman's Hp,aka. WI.106

Ironlegs. WI.107

Manchester Hornpipe. WI.108

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