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James Nuttall MS

Rossendale,East Lancs


%%abc-alias James Nuttall MS
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.7 [02/01/2010]
%Revised again 11/2008
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%Multi-voice tunes formatted by Phil Taylor 1/2010
Cuckoo Solo. JNu.01

Marsden Hornpipe. JNu.02

Favourite Hornpipe. JNu.03

Paganini Hornpipe. JNu.04 --- Soldier's Joy-(ish),aka. JNu.04

Ascot Hornpipe. JNu.05

A Good Tune. JNu.06

Many Mosk. JNu.07 --- Money Musk,aka. JNu.07

Campbells Are Coming,The. JNu.08

Sailor's Hornpipe. JNu.09 --- Roxburgh Castle,aka. JNu.09

French Hornpipe. JNu.10

Railway Hornpipe,The. JNu.11 --- Steam Packet,The,aka. JNu.11

Steam Packet Hornpipe,3parts. JNu.12 --- Steamboat,The,aka. JNu.12

Huntsman's Chorus,3parts. JNu.13

O 'Tis Love,3parts. JNu.14

March,3parts. JNu.15

Julia,2parts. JNu.16

Mozart's Grand Waltz. JNu.17

Belgian Waltz,1st part. JNu.18

Belgian Waltz,2nd part. JNu.18

Belgian Waltz,bass part. JNu.18

Rory O'More,3parts. JNu.19

Wonderful Chimes(?),The,2parts. JNu.20

Harrow on the Hill,2parts. JNu.21

Persian Dance,The,3parts. JNu.22 --- Gallopede,aka. JNu.22

Villagers,The,3parts. JNu.24

Stranger's Hornpipe,3parts. JNu.25 --- Durham Ranger,aka. JNu.25 --- Lord Middleton's HP,aka. JNu.25

Glory of England,The,2parts. JNu.26

Handel's Water Piece. JNu.28

Kings Bridge Assembly,The,3parts. JN.07 --- Sailors Are All At The Bar,aka. JN.07

Captive Waltz,The,2parts. JNu.31

Pirate,The,3parts. JNu.31 --- Roxiana,aka. JNu.31

Irish Waterman,The,3parts. JNu.32 --- Irish Washerwoman,The,aka.3parts JNu.32

Roxiana. JNu.34

Lady of the Lake,3parts. JNu.35

Cobourg Waltz,1st part. JNu.36

Copenhagen Waltz. JNu.37

Downfall of Paris,The,3parts. JNu.38

When Order In This Lane,3parts. JNu.39

Villey Vous Dance,3parts. JNu.40 --- Voulez Vous Dancer,aka.3parts JNu.40

Sicilian Dance,3parts. JNu.41

Gallop in Benioshy(?). JNu.42

Hampstead Heath,2parts. JNu.43

Godess March,3parts. JNu.44

Highgate Tunnel,2parts. JNu.45

Lancashire Quadrilles,#1. JNu.46

Lancashire Quadrilles,#2. JNu.47

Lancashire Quadrilles,#3. JNu.48

Lancashire Quadrilles,#4. JNu.49

Lanacashire Quadrilles,#5. JNu.50

Hart's Scotch Set,#1. JNu.51 --- Blow The Wind Southerly,aka. JNu.51

Hart's Scotch Set,#2. JNu.52

Hart's Scotch Set,#3. JNu.53

Hart's Scotch Set,#4. JNu.54 --- White Cockade,aka. JNu.54

Hart's Scotch Set,#5. JNu.55 --- Over the Hills and Far Away,aka. JNu.55

Lass of Richmond Hill,The. JNu.56

Go George,I Can't Endure You. JNu.57

Life Let Us Cherish. JNu.58

Ploughboy,The. JNu.59 --- Curly Headed Ploughboy,The,(vars),aka. JNu.59

Exonian Finale,The. JNu.60

Paganini's Manchester Set,#1. JNu.61

Paganini's Manchester Set,#2. JNu.62

Paganini's Manchester Set,#3. JNu.63

Paganini's Manchester Set,#4. JNu.64

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