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Henry Stables MS


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4th Dragoon's March. HS.01

My Love is But a Lassie Yet. HS.02

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Wilt Thou Meet Me There Love. HS.03

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Nora Crena. HS.04

Hunters Chorus,The. HS.05

Mrs.Chazey. HS.06 --- Mrs Casey,aka. HS.06

Harvest Moon. HS.07

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Gallop in Gustavus. HS.08 --- Winster Galop,a.k.a. HS.08

Oddfellows Holiday. HS.09

Young May Moon,The. HS.10

La Elizabeth. HS.11 --- Elizabeth,La. HS.11

Lord Harwick's March. HS.12

Duncan Gray,Fragment. HS.13

Scale for D Major. HS.14

Auld Lang Syne. HS.15

Russian Dance. HS.16 --- Fairy Dance,aka. HS.16

La Native. HS.17

Billy Pitt. HS.18

Highland Lad. HS.19 --- White Cockade,aka. HS.19

Weel May The Boatie Row. HS.20

Scale of G Major. HS.21

Campbells Are Coming,The. HS.22

Napoleon's March. HS.23 --- Napoleon's Grand March,aka. HS.23

Bownan's March. HS.24

Scale of A Major. HS.25

Devil's Dream,The. HS.26

I'll Go No More To Yon Town. HS.27

Weel May The Kiel Row. HS.28 --- Keel Row,aka. HS.28

Weel May The Kiel Row. HS.29 --- Keel Row,aka. HS.29

Devent Castle. HS.30 --- Roxburgh Castle,aka. HS.30

King's Polka. HS.31

Liverpool Hornpipe. HS.32

Wind That Blows The Barley,The. HS.33

Soldier's Joy. HS.34

Elphien's Waltze. HS.35

Favourite Waltz,A. HS.36

Girl I Left Behind Me,The. HS.37

Waltz,A. HS.38

Schottische,The. HS.39

Jenny Jones. HS.40 --- Sweet Jennie Jones,aka. HS.40

Scale of F Major. HS.41

Waltz,A. HS.42

Lucy Long. HS.43

Lass O' Gowrie,The. HS.44

Royal Charlie. HS.45

Annie Lisle. HS.46

Finale. HS.47

Hunsup Through The Wood. HS.48

Gallop,A. HS.49

Strauss Gallop. HS.50

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Lord Harwick's March. HS.51

Valentine's March. HS.52

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Maiden's Dream,The. HS.53

Astley's Ride. HS.54

Elterwater Hornpipe. HS.55

Elterwater Quickstep. HS.56 --- Lamb Skinnet,aka. HS.56

Grand Hornpipe,A. HS.57

Flowers Of Edinburgh. HS.58

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