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reportedly from Staffordshire


%%abc-alias Anonymous Staffordshire MS
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.4 [27/12/2008]
%VMP.Tim Willetts
%Revised 21/05/2003
%Revised again 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009
Allen a Dale. ST.01

Tekili,(Incomplete). ST.02

Fragment of untitled tune. ST.03

Drops of Brandy. ST.04

Meg Merriless. ST.05 --- Persian Hunt,aka. ST.05 --- Boyne Hunt,aka. ST.05

Ronda. ST.06 --- Ode To Joy,aka. ST.06

March in Blue Beard. ST.07

Turkish Air.A. ST.08

Tis But Fancy's Sketch. ST.09

Cambrian Lyrist,The. ST.10

Downfall of Paris. ST.11

Come Under My Plaidy. ST.12 --- Johnny McGill,aka. ST.12

Cuckoo,The. ST.13

Miss Fords Dance. ST.14 --- Shepherd's Hey,aka. ST.14

Life Let Us Cherish. ST.15

Tyrolese(?) Song of Liberty. ST.16 --- New Tyrolean Waltz,aka. ST.16

Welch Air. ST.17

Washington's March at the Battle of ? ST.18

Portuguese Laudie(?),The. ST.19

Pray Goody. ST.20

Oranje B?ven ST.21

Said a Smile to a Tear. ST.22

Copenhagen Waltz. ST.23

Opera Hat,The. ST.24

Mrs McLeod . ST.25

Arthur the Brave. ST.26

Fly Not Yet. ST.27

Orange Waltz,The. ST.28

Irish Air. ST.29 --- William & Nancy,aka. ST.29

Beauty In Tears. ST.30

Fal Lal La. ST.31

New Lango Lee. ST.32 --- Lango Lee,aka. ST.32 --- Banks of the Dee,aka. ST.32

Staffordshire March. ST.33

Boxing the Compass. ST.34

I Am Quite the Thing. ST.35

Smile Again My Bonnie Lassie. ST.36

Favourite Italian Dance,The. ST.37

A Love of Beauty. ST.38 --- Love of Beauty. ST.38

March In M?s?ielle. ST.39

Mistletoe Bough,The. ST.40

Whan Love Hath Bereft Him. ST.41

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