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%%abc-alias Wm Tyldesley
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.7 [13/12/2009]
%VMP.Taz Tarry, 1999
%Revised 21/05/2003
%Revised again 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009
Rule Britannia. TLY.001

Lovely Nancy. TLY.002

Duke of York's March. TLY.003

Beggar Girl,The. TLY.004

Bob and Joan. TLY.005 --- Bobbing Joan. TLY.005

March No1. TLY.006

Mad Moll. TLY.007 --- Peacock Followed The Hen,aka. TLY007

Mother Goose. TLY.008

Jenny Dang the Weaver. TLY.009

Duke of York's March. TLY.010

Hussar Waltz. TLY.011

Persiand Ricado,The. TLY.012 --- Gallopede,aka. TLY012

Irish Emigrant. TLY.013

Fishers Hornpipe. TLY.014 --- Egg Hornpipe,aka. TLY.014

London March.TLY.015

Handel's Clarinet.2Parts. TLY.016

There is no luck. TLY.017 --- Nae Good Luck Aboot etc. TLY.017

March of the 15th. Regiment. TLY.018 --- 15th Regt. March. TLY.018

March No2. TLY.019

Queen of Roses Polka,The. TLY.020

March No3. TLY.021

Miss Gayton's Hornpipe. TLY.022

Money Musk. TLY.023

Paddy Cary. TLY.024

German Minuet. TLY.025

Triumph. TLY.026

Mozarts Waltz,1. TLY.027

Mozart Waltz,2. TLY.028

Air Allegro. TLY.029

Saxon Waltz. TLY.030

Lord Hardwickes March. TLY.031

Slow March,1. TLY.032

Prince of Wales March. TLY.033

King Pipping Polka. TLY.034

Very Favorite Duett. TLY.035

My Ain Kind Dearie. TLY.036

Scotch Air. TLY.037

Quadrille. TLY.038

Campbells Are Coming,The. TLY.039

Waltz,1. TLY.040

Aria. TLY.041

Song of Liberty. TLY.042

Slow March,2. TLY.043

Marquis(of Harlington),The. TLY.044 --- Dearest Dickie,aka. TLY.044

Waltz,2. TLY.045

Irish Washerwoman. TLY.046

Waltz Mozart,4. TLY.047 --- Mozart Waltz,4. TLY.047

Michael Wiggins in Ireland. TLY.048

Waltz,3. TLY.049

Lancers Sett of Quadrils No.1. TLY.050

Lancers Sett of Quadrils No.2. TLY.051

Lancers Sett of Quadrils No.3. TLY.052

Lancers Sett of Quadrils No.4. TLY.053 --- If The Life Of A Man,aka. TLY.054

Lancers Sett of Quadrils No.5. TLY.054

Jig,Untitled. TLY.055

Yellow (Haired Laddy). TLY.056

Getting Up Stairs. TLY.057 --- Such A Getting Upstairs,aka. TLY.057

Jim Crow Quadrilles (1). TLY.058

Jim Crow Quadrilles (2). TLY.059

Jim Crow Quadrilles(3). TLY.060 --- Dingles Regatta,aka. TLY.061

Jim Crow Quadrilles (4). TLY.061

Jim Crow Quadrilles (5). TLY.062

Green Hills. TLY.063 --- Green Hills Of Tyrol. TLY.063

Bob And Joan. TLY.064 --- Bobbing Joan. TLY.064

Waltz,4. TLY.065

Waltz,5. TLY.066 --- Pretty Poll,aka. TLY.066

Polka, by Jubin. TLY.067

No. 2 Polka. TLY.068

Quadrils (1). TLY.069

Quadrils(2). TLY.070

Quadrils (3). TLY.071

Quadrils (4). TLY.072

Quadrils (5). TLY.073

Waltz,5. TLY.074

Fall of Paris. TLY.075 --- Downfall Of Paris,aka. TLY.075

Duke of Yorks New March. TLY.076 --- Toreador?..TLY.076

Miss Bakers Hornpipe. TLY.077

Through The Wood Lady. TLY.078 --- Through The Wood Laddie,aka. TLY.078

Smith's Hornpipe. TLY.079

A Favourite Hornpipe. TLY.080 --- Navvie On The Line,aka. TLY.080

Jubillee Hornpipe. TLY.081

Bang Up Hornpipe. TLY.082

Granes March,2parts. TLY.083

Life Guards March,The,2parts. TLY.084

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