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the Village Music Project

The material under here is a browsable version of of the tunes from the very wonderful Village Music Project - a large and valuable set of old tune collections, copied here with their permission, and to whom many thanks. Their site has information on these collections (the links go to it) and much more interesting material besides, and I strongly recommend that you investigate it - but this is an easier listing of the contents of the manuscript material they've uncovered, for those who don't want to fiddle with the ABC of it. The versions here are browsable in the usual style, as web-pages with images of the notation, downloadable midi, and so on; and each manuscript can also be downloaded as a whole, in the form of an indexed pdf.

Notes on the copying

The material here is a copy of the ABC from the Village Music Project. I have a script in place to alert me in the event that any of the material there is updated, so it should remain accurately in sync, but in the event of any doubt or difference, their version will always be definitive.

I (RR) have made changes to the notation uploaded here only as necessary to make it generate the images (using abcm2ps) without errors. There have not been very many of these, and I don't believe I've done anything to change the meaning of any notation - the main complaint has been ties between notes at different pitches, which abcm2ps is not tolerant of and I've changed them to slurs - a change in the ABC semantics with no effect on the rendered notation; also a small handful of "notation not treated" errors, which I've fixed by inspection - spurious characters and minor finger-trouble, a couple of badly-rendered ornaments. There are inconsistencies in the usage of header fields ("A" for country and "O" for area, for instance), which I may amend as I find time, to fit with the normal usages.

The first word of each collection title is the VMP's file name for that collection.

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