Goulding & D'Almaine's Twenty-four Country Dances For the Year 1826

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"With proper Figures and Directions to each Dance performed at Almack's, Bath and all Public Assemblies.
London Printed by Goulding and D'Almaine, No. 20 Soho Sq. & to be had of I. Willie 7 Westmd. St Dublin."

the Huntsmen's Chorus


(No title given)

le Solitaire

O! Twine a Wreath

Giovinetto Cavalier

der Freischutz Waltz

Casper's Song

Lucy Dear


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William Tell

Captain Clapperton

Il Crociato

Algiers Waltz

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the Enterprize

the Fly-Flappers

Anatomie Vivante

Old Ebony

Uncle Gabriel

Quite Correct

the Crusaders


the Infant Lyra

la Neige

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