Document list2 - H.S.J. Jackson, 1823
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a Rigadown

Greensleeves -- or Kick my A---

Down with the French

the High road to Galloway

Billy's a bonny lad

Lady Mary Ramsay

Cuddle me cuddy

Bobing Joan

Cobblers hornpipe

Rowland Hornpipe

Stanley for ever or Mr. Lane's Maggot

the Green ship

Jack the horse-courser

Shutters Hornpipe

Southwark Granadears. Trumpet March

the Highlanders Lamentation

Charming Phillis -- a Minuet

Chipin Fair

Dusty Miller

the 29th of May -- or the King enjoys his own again

Wilks Rigg

Psalm 1

Psalm 116

God Save the King

Yung Collins Stole my Hart away

Jack upon the Green

Minuet -- Play Slow

a Carol Tune -- for Christmas Day

Over the Water to Charley

Blackamoor's Dance

Doon the Bank

Flowers of Edinburgh

White Cock-aide

Irish Trot

Bonny Lads

Geewoe Dobin

Nancy Dawson's Hornpipe

Soldiers Joy

Daniel Cooper

Cold and Thow

Highland Laddy -- old way

Betty can Drink no Water

Ballance a strow

a Maiden Fair

Turn again Whittington

Three Sheep Skins

God Save the King

Barly Raking

Bonny Kate of Aberdeen

Sailors Delight

Britain Strik home

Lord Carmarthen's March

Jack upon the Green

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