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This is a collection of manuscripts kept by the Winder family, of Dolphinhome, Wyresdale, Lancashire, originally written down by various instrument-playing family members. There are 3 separate bundles of dance-type tunes (said to date from 1789, 1823, and 1835-41) and also, I believe, a quantity of "West Gallery"-style vocal arrangements, which I've not seen and which aren't included here. Yet. Along with all this were a couple of little books, which follow the manuscripts below.

Those of you who are familiar with this site will notice a change here - this section used to be a single set of tunes, which was a selection taken from these manuscripts. More recently, I got a chance to borrow the photocopies from which they came, so it's become possible to do a more complete job. There were many more tunes than I'd seen (I think this is an interesting comment on the spread of relevant technologies - the material I saw 10 years ago was copied out by hand) - and several of those copied seemed to have been "folk-processed" somewhat away from the originals. The collections now here reflect the complete contents of the photocopies I've seen, except that a handful of pages seem to have gone missing .

I have put up scans of the photocopies I worked from, so that people can check my workings for themselves. Each tune links to the relevant page.

This material has also been (independently) transcribed by John Adams' Village Music Project , which makes for a useful cross-check. (Browseable copies of these are now also available under the " Village Music Project section" of this site (John Winder, H.S.J. Jackson, and James Winder)

Thanks are due for all this; to the Winder family of Wyresdale for keeping the material, and to Andy Hornby, Alan Nowell, Paul Guppy of Lancaster & I don't know who else, for making the rest of us aware of it.

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