Collage Hornpipe. GS.032 --- Sailors Hornpipe,aka. GS.032 --- College Hornpipe,aka. GS.032

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X number   32
Title   Collage Hornpipe. GS.032, Sailors Hornpipe,aka. GS.032, College Hornpipe,aka. GS.032
Area   Leeds
Bibliography   Village Music project, Spencer, George
Country   England
History   1831
Length   1/8
Notes   Mr. Spencer was obviously having serious problems with his pen, as, many of the noteheads are large blots. 1 - This bar has five beats,, there are two low crochets D's 2 - this note is given as low D in the, MS - and the bar is then, repeated identically, (giving 9 bars in the A music). - so one bar, has been omitted. There are several other changes that could be made -, eg. first two notes would usually be DC rather than GF - but where do, you stop?'GS' written on the stave st the end.
Rhythm   .Hornpipe
Source   George Spencer m/s, Leeds,1831
Tempo   1/2=90
Transcriber   vmp.Cherri Graebe
Body   (gf) | d2 D2 "1 see NB" DEFG | A2 d2d2 (cd) | e2 "2" E2 EFGA |!
B2 e2e2 (dc) | defg a2 gf |gfed c2 (BA) |\
(Bd)(ce) (df)(eg) | f2 d2d2 :|!
|: (AG) | FA dA FA dA | B2G2G2 (BG) | GBdG GBdG |!
B2G2G2 (Bc) | defg a2 (gf) | fefd c2 (BA) | Bdce dfeg | BdFA G2G2G2 :|

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Spencer, George

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