All on the Tongo Island. GS.054 --- King of the Cannnibal Islands,aka. GS.054 --- Nottingham Swing,aka. GS.054

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X number   54
Title   All on the Tongo Island. GS.054, King of the Cannnibal Islands,aka. GS.054, Nottingham Swing,aka. GS.054
Area   Leeds
Bibliography   Village Music project, Spencer, George
Country   England
History   1831
Length   1/8
Notes   CGP.I have difficulty quite often in assigning a "Rhythm" to a tune,, and they end up as "miscellaneous" as in this case. The problem here is, that the tune is not used for a jig or a quadrille dance nowadays (if, ever) but is very strongly associated with the dance "Nottingham, Swing",a hop-step dance usually done to Schottisches or Spotty, Hornpipes eg Keel Row, Nae guid Luck(!a 6/8 tune).
Rhythm   .Jig,See Notes
Source   George Spencer m/s, Leeds,1831
Tempo   3/8=120
Transcriber   vmp.Cherri Graebe
Body   G | e2d c2 B | "qu"c2 A G2 E | (FE) F D2 F | E2FG2c |!
A2Fc2A | A2Fc2c |(Bc)d G2B | c3 H c2||!
d | e2ee2d | e2ee2d | e2ef2e | d2dd2B |!
c2cc2B | c2cc2B | c2 A d2 c | B2A G2 B ||!
ccc (BA)G | A2Bc2B | ccc BAG | A2Bc2^c |!
d2^cd2c | d2d (de) ^f | g2G GAB | c3 c2 |]

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Spencer, George

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