Chalmers' Hornpipe. GS.090

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X number   90
Title   Chalmers' Hornpipe. GS.090
Area   Leeds
Bibliography   Village Music project, Spencer, George
Country   England
History   1831
Length   1/8
Notes   " "1" This note has a natural written over it, above the stave The, slur joins only the 'F' and the grace notes, but ABC2win doesn't like, that. "2" - grace note (semiquaver) is slurred with the following, note "3" impossible to show as written! Main note has a "~" over it -, the sign for a turn which is also correctly written out in terms of, pitch - the 'B' is shown as a normal sized note, the others as, grace-note size. "4" -" ~" and sign for natural shown vertically, underneath it, so it's a turn with an E natural and won't play quite, right here. The final pause is written above the double bar. Fine is, written below it.
Rhythm   .Hornpipe
Source   George Spencer m/s, Leeds,1831
Tempo   1/2=80
Transcriber   vmp.Cherri Graebe
Body   F | BAcA Bdfd | c=BdB cege |.dbfd .cgec | AecA "1"(F{GF=EF}) GA |!
"2"{c}BAcA Bdgd | "2"{d}c=BdB cege | .dbfd .cgec | .AecA B2 :|!
|: "3 ~"(c/4B/4A/4B/4) | cfef cfef | df=ef bfdB | cfef cfef |\
dfga bfdB |!
gfed e=Bcg | fedc dA_Bf | efde cdBd | ABGA " nat 4" ~F2 GA |!
BAcA Bdfd | c=BdB cege | .dbfd .cgec |.AecA " nat 4" ~F2 GA |!
"2"{c}BAcA Bdfd | "2"{d}c=BdB cege |.dbfd .cgec |\
.AecA H"Fine"B2:|

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Spencer, George

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