4th Dragoon's March. HS.01

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March of 4 Dragoons Gards. JBs.055 -- 4th Dragoons Guards March,aka. JBs.055
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X number   1
Title   4th Dragoon's March. HS.01
Area   England
Bibliography   Village Music project, Stables, Henry
Country   Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside.
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/stables.abc
Notes   1=topC marked as natural, which it already is.CGP..
Rhythm   .March
Source   Henry Stables MS,Cumbria,late19thC
Tempo   1/2=75
Transcriber   vmp.Chris Partington
Body   "^Primo Maestoso..P"
G2G>GG2Bc|d>BG2G2cd|e<c g2d<Bg2|gfag fedc|!
.B.d.B.G .A.c.A.F|.G.B.c.d .e.f.g.a|bgfg fed^c|d2d>dd4:|!
|:"^f"a2a>a a"^1"c'ba|g2g>g gbag|fedg fedc|B2A>A AcBA|!
G2G>G GBcd|e<ca2f<db2|Bdce AcFA|G2G>GG4:|!
|:"^p"B4A4|G2G>G FGAB|(dc).c.c (cB).B.B|(BA).A.A ABc^c|!
d2d>d c2c>c|B2B>B ABcd|(ec)(cA) (AG)(GF)|A4G4:|!
|:"^ff"f2a>g fdef|g2b>ag3G|GBcd efga|g3g fedc|!
B4A4|d3dc2c2|B2(d/c/)B G2F2|A4G4:|

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Stables, Henry

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