Allen a Dale. ST.01

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X number   1
Title   Allen a Dale. ST.01
Area   Staffordshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Staffordshire (anon)
Composer   First legible tune in photocopy
Country   England
History   Photocopy does not include all of original manuscript, and sections of, t, copy are not legible., ABC transcription carried out on a Linux system to abc standard 1.6,, an, checked using both abc2ps and abc2win.
Length   1/8
Notes   From p.14.
Rhythm   .Air
Source   Anonymous Staffordshire MS, Early 19thC.
Tempo   3/8=80
Transcriber   vmp.Tim Willets
Body   cBc dcB|cde (dB)z|Acc Adc|Bdg ecz|!
edc dBG|gec cAf|dBg ece|ccf gfe|!
gfd d2G|cBc dfe|AdB c2z|]

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Staffordshire (anon)

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