Queen of Roses Polka,The. TLY.020

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X number   20
Title   Queen of Roses Polka,The. TLY.020
Area   Lancashire.
Bibliography   Village Music project, Tildsley, William
Country   England.
History   1860.
Length   1/16
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/tildsley.abc
Notes   There is a 'signo' at the first bar. A pause symbol above the quaver, rest in the last bar of the a part. Fine at the frst double bar. Strong, accent marks on last beat of bars 2,3 and 4 of B music. "Signo" at end, of B music. DC at end of B music. C music is marked as Trio and again, ends with a "signo" and DC. TT., Key Sig of Trio may be wrong.CGP.
Rhythm   .Polka
Source   Wm.Tildesley,Swinton,Lancs.1860s.
Tempo   1/4=110
Transcriber   vmp.Taz Tarry.
Body   "$"B2d2 d2cB|c2e2 e4|ABcd efga|b2fg fedc|!
B2d2 d2cB|c2e2 e4|ABcd efga|g2b2g2"^Fine" z2:|!
|:A2g2 gfe2|fga2 d4|^cde2 A4|B^cde f4|!
A2g2 gfe2|fga2 B^cd2|efg2 AB^c2|d2d2d2"^DC" z2:|!
|:"^Trio"e2f2 g4|b2a2a4|Bcde f2f2|cdef g2g2|!
e2f2 g4|b2a2 a4|Bcde f2B2|c2ed c2 z2:|

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Tildsley, William

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