Slow March,2. TLY.043

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X number   43
Title   Slow March,2. TLY.043
Area   Lancashire.
Bibliography   Village Music project, Tildsley, William
Country   England.
History   1860.
Length   1/8
Notes   bar 1 is marked with a sign. Bars 9,10, 1313 and 14 are marked f, and, have dotted quaver-semiquaver crothcet rhythm marked under the crotchet, rests. End of bar 16 is marked with a sign. Minim A in bar 24 is marked, accented
Rhythm   .March
Source   Wm.Tildesley,Swinton,Lancs.1860s.
Tempo   1/2=60
Transcriber   vmp.Taz Tarry.
Body   (d/e/d/c/)|:"S"B2 B>B B2 ~c2|d3 ^d (ef)(ge)|\
(ed).B.d (dc)(cB)|{B}A2A.A A2 (d/e/d/c/)|!
B2 B>B B2 ~c2|d3 ^d (ef)(ge)|(ed).B.d (dc).B.A|G2 G>G G2:|!
|:g2|f2 z2 z2 g2|f2 z2 z2 b2|(ab)(c'b) (ag)(fg)| a2 a>a (ab)ag|!
f2 z2 z2 g2|f2 z2 z2 b2|(ab)(c'b) (ba)(ag)|\
(gf)(fe) (ed)"S"(cB)||!
z2|(d3e/d/) (cB).c.A| G2 G>G (F/G/A/B/ c/d/e/f/)|\
(gfed) (edcB)| (B3c/B/) AB(c^c)|!
(d3e/d/) (cB).c.A| G2 G>G (F/G/A/B/ c/d/e/f/)|\
(gf).e.d d2 (ef)|(a4g2):|

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Tildsley, William

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