Galop. GHW.033

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X number   33
Title   Galop. GHW.033
Area   Norfolk
Bibliography   Village Music project, Watson, George
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   'Signo' at start and end, DC at end. Ccnfused notes in second beat of, 23. Could be either cg or gc. I've gone for cg, but it could be, either.
Rhythm   .Galop
Source   George H.Watson,MS,Swanton Abbott,Norfolk,c1880
Tempo   1/4=110
Transcriber   vmp.Taz Tarry
Body   cc/c/ cd|c3 d|cAcf|e2 z2|cc/c/ cd|c3 a|gfdg|c.c.d.e||!
|:f3e|d2 zc|dc cd|d2 B2|f3e|d2 z d|dd cB|(d2c) z|!
f3e|d2 zc|dc cf|g2 d2|f2ed|c2 zd|ca cg|(f2f2):|!
|:d2c>B|d3 d|ff e>d|f2 zb|a3 g|d3 e|dd c>B|c3 ^c|!
d2 c>B|d3 f| ff e>d|(g2g2)|=e3 e|f3 g|fe d>c|(B2B2):|

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Watson, George

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