Grimaldies Hornpipe. GHW.078 --- Alexander's Hp,aka. GHW.078

Abschieds-Juiz 2003 Bb ABCD -- Fredy Wallimann (30.8.1952) -- Dirigenten-Notiz Edi GasserTune list
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Abschied vom Städtchen (Marsch) CF (mr07100) -- Hanny Christen. Bd.V Basel II, Jura. S.52f (mr07100) orig. C,F
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X number   78
Title   Grimaldies Hornpipe. GHW.078, Alexander's Hp,aka. GHW.078
Area   Norfolk
Bibliography   Village Music project, Watson, George
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   Transcribers Note: Essentially the same as Tune 60 with slightly, different bowing. Interesting to note that the 3rd., note of the 7th. bar - b - appears to be crossed out in both, versions.TT.
Rhythm   .Hornpipe
Source   George H.Watson,MS,Swanton Abbott,Norfolk,c1880
Tempo   1/2=90
Transcriber   vmp.Taz Tarry
Body   (3ABc)|(dA).F.A (DF).A.d|(fdAF) E2 (ef)|\
(gf)(ge) (fe).f.d|(ec).d.B A2 (fe)|!
(dA).F.A (DF).A.d|(fd).A.F E2 ef|(ge).b.g (fg).e.c|d2d2d2:|!
|:(AG)|(FA).d.A (FA).d.A|(GB).d.B (GB).d.B|\
(Ac).e.c (Ac).e.c|(df).a.f (ge).c.A|!
|(FA).d.A (FA).d.A|(GB).d.B (GB).d.B|\
(Ac).e.g (fa).c.e|d2d2d2:|

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Watson, George

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