A Carol Tune - for Christmas Day. JWDM.45

Abschied vom Städtchen (Marsch) CF (mr07100) -- Hanny Christen. Bd.V Basel II, Jura. S.52f (mr07100) orig. C,FTune list
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the Ace and deuce of pipering
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X number   45
Title   A Carol Tune - for Christmas Day. JWDM.45
Area   Lancashire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Winder, John
Country   England
Length   1/4
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/winderjn.abc
Rhythm   .Air
Source   J.Winder MS,Wyresdale,Lancs.,1789
Tempo   1/2=80
Transcriber   vmp.Taz Tarry
Body   "_Try in key D"A/|dcd>c|BBA>A|ffe>c|def3/2||!

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Winder, John

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