Bonny Charley TS.034 --- King of the Fairies,aka TS.034 --- King William of Orange,aka TS.034

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X number   034
Title   Bonny Charley TS.034, King of the Fairies,aka TS.034, King William of Orange,aka TS.034
Bibliography   Village Music project, Sands, Thomas
Composer   Prefixed as 'No.22' in MS
Country   Lincolnshire
Length   1/8
Rhythm   country dance
Source   Thomas Sands' MS,1810,Lincolnshire
Tempo   1/2=70
Transcriber   vmp.Ruairidh Greig, 2011
Body   E2(EF)G2(GA)|BcBAG2(Ac)|B2E2E2G2|FGAFD2D2|!
b2(gb)a2(fa)|g2egf2df|e2(de) gfed|e2f2Hg4|!
fedcB2B2|g2b2B4|dcBA cBAG|FGAFD4|!
GFGA BABd|edef gfed|dcBA BAGF|E2e2E4:|]

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Sands, Thomas

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