Sailors Allegory, The TS.200

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X number   200
Title   Sailors Allegory, The TS.200
Bibliography   Village Music project, Sands, Thomas
Composer   George Saville Carey 1743-1807
Country   Lincolnshire
Length   1/8
Rhythm   Song
Source   Thomas Sands' MS,1810,Lincolnshire
Tempo   1/4=120
Transcriber   vmp.Ruairidh Greig, 2011
Body   A2B c|d2d2(dc) (BA)|d2d2F2F2|G2(FG)A2A2|D4
w:Life's like a ship in con---stant mo-tion, Some-times high a-nd some-times low.
A2B c|d2d2 (ed) (cB)|(cd)e2c2c2|d2(cd)e2E2A4
w:Where ev'-ry-one must br-ave th-e o--cean, What-so-ev--er winds may blow.
A2d c |B2A2G2F2"bar line added"| GA/B/ A2B2 c2|d2 e2 (fd) (af)|{f}He4
w:If un-ass-ail'd by squall or show---er, waft-ed by the gen---tle gales
(ge) (fd){d}|c2 (BA) (ge) (fd)|{d}c4 A2 (Bc)|d2f2e2a2|d4|]
w:Le-t's n-ot lose th-e f-av' r-ing hour, Whilst s-uc-cess at-tend our sails.
W:But if wayward winds should bluster
W:Let us not give way to fear
W:But let us all our patience muster
W:And learn from reason how to steer
W:Let judgement keep you ever steady
W:That's a ballast seldom fails
W:If dangers rise, be ever ready.
W:To manage well the swelling sails.
W:Trust not too much to your own opinion
W:Whilst your vessel's under way
W:Let good example bear dominion
W:That's a compass will not stray
W:When thundering tempests make you shudder
W:Or Boreas o'er the surface rails
W:Let good discretion guide the rudder
W:And providence attend the sails
W:Then when you're safe from danger riding
W:In some welcome port or bay
W:Hope be the anchor you confide in,
W:And care awhile in slumbers lay:
W:Then when each can's with liquor flowing
W:And good fellowship prevails
W:Let each heart with rapture glowing
W:Drink success unto our sails

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