the 15 Regt. March

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March of 15th Regiment.3voices. JClw.14 -- 15th Regiment,March of.3voices. JClw.14
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X number   1
Title   the 15 Regt. March
Area   North-West
Country   England
Notes   P1(?) 1/2
Rhythm   March
Body   GB|\
d2dd d2 (3edc|B2BB B2 GB|\
A2ce dcBA|G2GG G2gd|\
e2ee e2ge|d2dd d2Bd|
cAcc BGBB|A2AAA2::\
dB|A2AA A2dA|B2BB B2B/2c/2d|
e2gg g2e2|d2gg g2e/2d/2c|\
B/2c/2d e/2f/2g d>cB>A|G>AB>c B>cdd|\
d2e/2d/2c B2A2|G2GGG:|

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