the 16th of October

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Birthday of the Little Doctor,The. Car.09 -- ?
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X number   22
Title   the 16th of October
Area   North-West
Country   England
Notes   P10 2/2
Rhythm   Polka
Body   d4 fede|f2d2d2c2|B4efed|c2A2A2c2|\
d4fede|f2d2d2c2|B2e2 dcBc|d4D4:|
|:AG|F2A2A2G2|F2A2A2G2|F2A2d2f2|d2cB A2G2|\
F2A2A2G2|F2A2A2c2|d2f2 gfed|a6A2:|

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