Ah Ca Ira. VWMLa.248 --- Ca Ira. VWMLa.248

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Ah! Dites-moi don'
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X number   248
Title   Ah Ca Ira. VWMLa.248, Ca Ira. VWMLa.248
Bibliography   Village Music project, Vwml anon 1
Country   England;Yorkshire
Length   1/16
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/Vwml anon 1.abc
Notes   I added the second title, for search programs. PJH., Odd placing for the bar lines. PJH.
Rhythm   Air
Source   Anon. MS, late 18thC, Vaughan Williams Mem. Library
Tempo   1/4=90
Transcriber   vmp/efdss.Simon Wilson. Reviewed PJH 2008.
Body   (G2GA)|.G2(GA) .G2(GA)|G4 GABc|\
dBed dccB|B2A2 G2GA|\
G2GA G2GA|G4 GABc|dBec B2A2|G4:|
B2dB|cBAG FGAF|D4 B2dB|cBAG FAB^c|d4 d2de|\
d2de d2de|d4 defg|afba aggf|f2e2 d2de|
d2de d2de|d4 defg|afbg f2e2|d4 dcBA|\
^G2G2 G2G2|A4 cBAG|
F2F2 F2F2|G2G2 A2B2|\
c2cB c2d2|B2G2 A2B2|c2cB AGFE|!D.C.!D4|]

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