Banquet. VWMLa.238, The

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X number   238
Title   Banquet. VWMLa.238, The
Bibliography   Village Music project, Vwml anon 1
Country   England;Yorkshire
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From anon
Notes   A cotillion appears to be a slow jig.
Rhythm   Cotillion
Source   Anon. MS, late 18thC, Vaughan Williams Mem. Library
Tempo   3/8=100
Transcriber   vmp/efdss.Simon Wilson. Reviewed PJH 2008.
Body   B2B B2B|fdB fdB|c2c c2c|ecA ecA|\
B2B B2B|g2g gab|f2e d2c|(c3 B3):|
|:F3-F2f|(f2e) (e2d)|(F3 F2)e|(e2d) d2c|\
B2B B2B|g2g gab|fdB ecA|B3 B,3:|

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