Lord Strange. VWMLa.037

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X number   37
Title   Lord Strange. VWMLa.037
Bibliography   Village Music project, Vwml anon 1
Country   England;Yorkshire
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/Vwml anon 1.abc
Rhythm   thp
Source   Anon. MS, late 18thC, Vaughan Williams Mem. Library
Tempo   1/2=120
Transcriber   vmp/efdss.Simon Wilson. Reviewed PJH 2008.
Body   AG|:F4A4d4|F2DFA2BAG2AG|F4A4=c4|E2EFG2GAB2AG:|\
|:F2(DF) (AF)(dF) (AF)(dF)|F2(DF) (AF)(AF) (BG)(BG)|\
F2(DF) (AG)(dF) (AF)(dF) |E2(cE) (cE)(cE) (cE)(cE):|\
|:d2f2d2f2d3A|d2f2d2f2cdec|B2g2B2g2Bcdc|A2a2A2ed dcBA:|
|:agfe defga3b|agfe defdg3a|fedc Bcde fgaf|edcBA2ed dcBA:|\
|:"^sic"d2(fd)(fd)d3A|" icd2(fd)(fd) (ec)(ec)|\
B2(gB)(gB) (gB)(gB) (gB)|A2(aA) (aA)(aA) dcBA:|
|:d2FAd2FAd3e|d2FAd2FA=c3d|B2GAB2GAB2GA|c2ABc2ed dcBA:|\
|:dAFA dAFAd3e|dAFA dAFA=c3d|BAGF EFGA BcdB|edcBA2ed dcBA:|
|:DF dF DF dFA,3F|DF dF DF dFE3F|DF dF DF dFA,4|C2E2C2EFG2FE:|

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