Bush Aboon Traquair, The

Stanserhorn-Juiz Bb ABCB -- Adolf Zimmermann (30.3.1919-18.7.2002) -- Dirigenten-Notiz, Edi GasserTune list
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Adonis-Schottisch. GDC (st07292) ABACDA -- Hanny Christen. Bd.IV Aargau, Basel I. S.276 (st07292) orig. G,D,C -- Repertoire der "Jourdan-Musig", Muttenz. S.270-353 -- Überliefert durch Herrn Mesmer, Mai 1941
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X number   12
Title   Bush Aboon Traquair, The
Bibliography   Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies, Arranged for the Concertina by Carlo Minasi
Composer   arr. Carlo Minasi
Length   1/8
Tempo   "Andante "1/4=100
Transcriber   Peter Dunk 2012
Body   !p!(C>D)| ([EC][GE] [c3E3] e)|([dFG,]>c d/e/f/d/) [d2F2G,2] zD|\
([E2C2][G2E2]) (e>dcA)|([G4E4] C2) (C>D)|
([E2C2][G2E2] [c3E3] e)|([dFG,]>c d/e/f/d/) [d2F2G,2] zD|\
([E2C2][G2E2]) (e>dcA)|([G4E4] C2)||
c2|(B>AGA) (Bcde)|(fgef) d2 zG|\
([cE]>[dG][ec][fd]) ([g3e3] G)|(e>f g/f/e/d/ c2) zc|
(B>AGA) (Bcde)|"_rall."(f>g a/g/f/e/ d2) z "_a tempo."[DB,]|\
([E2C2][G2E2]) ([ec]>[dB][cA][AF])|([G4E4] C2)||

This tune is included in 1 document :-
Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies

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