Within a Mile of Edinburgh

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X number   62
Title   Within a Mile of Edinburgh
Bibliography   Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies, Arranged for the Concertina by Carlo Minasi
Composer   arr. Carlo Minasi
Length   1/8
Tempo   "Moderato "1/4=120
Transcriber   Peter Dunk 2012
Body   !p!(e>f)|([gc]<e) ([dBG]>e) [c2E2] (ec)|\
([AF]<c) G>E G2 (c>d)|([ec]<g) ([af]c') \
(g<e) (dc)|([e2c2G2][d2B2G2]) z2 (e>f)|
([gc]<e) ([dBG]>e) [c2E2] (ec)|([AF]<c) G>E G2 (c>d)|\
([ec]<g) ([af]c') (g<e) (dc)|[c4E4] z4||
!crescendo(!(c>de>f) ge c'2|(c>de>f) \
ge c'3/ c/|(c>dc>A) (GEG>c)!crescendo)!|
(e>c) (e<g) LH[a3f3c3F3] c'|!p!(g<e) (e<c) \
(A<c) (G<c)|([ec]<g) ([dBG]>e) [c2E2]||

This tune is included in 1 document :-
Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies

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