Blue Bonnets O'er the Border

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Waltz of the 3rd Dragoon Guards. CJF.043 -- 3rd Dragoon Guards Waltz. CJF.043
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X number   84
Title   Blue Bonnets O'er the Border
Bibliography   Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies, Arranged for the Concertina by Carlo Minasi
Composer   arr. Carlo Minasi
Length   1/8
Tempo   "Allegro "3/8=100
Transcriber   Peter Dunk 2012
Body   !mf!L[c3G3E3C3]L[c3G3E3C3]|([cGEC]ed) (c>AG)|\
[cAF]AA A>Ag| L(age) ([eG]>d[cE])|
L[c3G3E3C3]L[c3G3E3C3]|([cGEC]ed) (c>AG)|\
([AF]>BA) ([GEC]E>G)|([AF]c)>E L(E>DC)||
(c>eg) (gec)|([af]>[ge][eG]) ([eG]>[dF][cE])|\
(ceg) (a>bc')|(c>de) (e>dc)|
(c>eg) (gec)|L([af]>[ge][eG]) ([dF]>[ce][dF])|\
([ce]>AA) (GEG)|(AcE) (E>DC)||

This tune is included in 1 document :-
Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies

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