Air For Maurice Ogg, The

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Atkins Menagerie (Air from). CJF.129 -- Air from Atkins Menagerie. CJF.129
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X number   11
Title   Air For Maurice Ogg, The
Composer   From Steel Skies by Alistair Anderson
Length   1/8
Tempo   1/4=110
Body   de | f3 A A2 d=c | B d3 G2 AG | F3 A d3 A | d>e f<a e2 de | f2 A2 A2 d=c|
"6"B3 G E2 AG | F3 A d3 A | d>e f<e d2 cd || e3 A A2 ce | d3 B G>A B<d |
"11"=c>B A<G F>A G>E | F2 D2 D2 ^cd | e2 A2 A2 ce | f2 d2 A>d f<a | g>e cB A<a g>e | d6|]

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Steel Skies

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