Boys of the Town (jig)

Aber Geldie. HA.112 -- Birks of Abergeldie,aka. HA.112 -- Devonshire Lass,aka. HA.112Tune list
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A.B.Hornpipe. WM.049
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X number   3143
Title   Boys of the Town (jig)
Bibliography   "Northern Fiddler" 229.1 (JMcK)
Length   1/8
Rhythm   jig
Tempo   320
Transcriber   Andrew Robinson (ABCs: B.Black) Edited. Peter Dunk
Body   f|ged B2A|BGE G2A|BdB ABA|GBd e2f|
ged B2A|BGE G2A|BdB AGA|BGG G2:|
B|def gfg|eaa eaa|bag e2d|efg efg|
def gfg|afd efg|edB AGA|BGG G2:|

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Northern Fiddler

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