Steeping the Flax* (polka)

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X number   3114
Title   Steeping the Flax* (polka)
Bibliography   "Northern Fiddler" 247.3 (PT) ("untitled polka")
Length   1/8
Rhythm   polka
Tempo   450
Transcriber   Andrew Robinson (ABCs: B.Black) Edited. Peter Dunk
Body   d2ef|:!segno!g2B2d2G2|B2d2 d3B|c2A2F2A2|e2d2d2ef|
g2B2d2G2|B2d2 d3B|c2A2F2A2|1 A2G2G2 ef:|2 A2G2G3||
B|A2d2 d^cdf|a2f2 f3a|g2e2 edeg|f2d2 d^cdB|
A2d2 d^cdf|a2f2f2a2|g3f g2e2|1 d4 d2^c:|2 d4 d2ef "_DS"||

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Northern Fiddler

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