By the Fort How Sad Was I (march)

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A Dumble Dum Dary. RHu.159
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X number   3122
Title   By the Fort How Sad Was I (march)
Bibliography   "Northern Fiddler" 245.1 (JMcK)
Length   1/8
Rhythm   march
Tempo   150
Transcriber   Andrew Robinson (ABCs: B.Black) Edited. Peter Dunk
Body   A>G|FDFG A2FG|Add<e dcAG|F2F>F F2DE/F/|GFE>E E2A>G|
FDFG A2FG|Add<e dcAG|F2F>D GE=CE|D2D>D D2||
zA|d>cde f2 f/a/g/f/|edce d2cA|d>cde fde2|d2d>d d2de|
f>dcA dcAG|F2F>D GE=CE|D>EFA dcAG|F2D>D HD4|]

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Northern Fiddler

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