Atlantic Roar (h'pipe)

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X number   3004
Title   Atlantic Roar (h'pipe)
Bibliography   "Northern Fiddler" 083.2 (JD)
Length   1/8
Rhythm   hornpipe
Tempo   280
Transcriber   Andrew Robinson (ABCs: B.Black) Edited. Peter Dunk
Body   (3DEF|G2GF G2Gf|gefd e^cAG|F2FE F2D2|G2GF GDB,D|
G2GF G2Gf|gefd e^cAG|F2FE F2DF|AB (3AGF GA:|
Bc|de (3d^ce d2B=c|(3def ga bgdc|de (3d^ce d2=cB|A2D2A2 FA|
de (3d^ce d2B=c|(3def ga bgdc|(3BdB GB (3AcA FA|G6:|

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Northern Fiddler

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