Syncopace - The Shipley Set - 3rd tune --- Bransle

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X number   3
Title   Syncopace - The Shipley Set - 3rd tune, Bransle
Composer   Alistair Anderson
Length   1/4
Notes   Transcribed by Steve Dumpleton
Rhythm   Bransle
Tempo   1/2=116
Body   P:A
|:A d2 c/d/ ec de/f/ | [M:3/2] gB2e cA | [M:4/2] dA2G/F/ GB ea/g/ |
[M:3/2] fd2 e/f/ gc |1[M:2/2] Ad2A :|2[M:2/2] Ad2e ||
[M:4/2] |: fa2 g/f/ ge B e/d/ | cA a>g fe2A | A d2 c/d/ ec de/f/ |
|1 gB e>d cd2e :|2 gB e>d c "see note"Hd2A |]
W:Note: on the last time through the tune omit the final A
W:and finish on the preceding D, as indicated by the pause sign.

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The Shipley Set

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