Yankee Doodle. FTB.053 --- All The Way To Galway. FTB.053

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12th of August,The. RH.132
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X number   53
Title   Yankee Doodle. FTB.053, All The Way To Galway. FTB.053
Country   England
Length   1/4
Rhythm   .Reel
Tempo   140
Transcriber   Chris Partington
Body   d2ef|d2cA|d2ef|d2cA|d2ef|gf ed|cA Bc|d2-d2:|
|:B=c BA|Bc dB|AB AG|FGA2|B=c BA|Bc de|fd ec|d2-d2:||
"All the way to Galway"
de fd|cA Ac|=BG GB|cA Ac|de fd|cA Ae|fd ec|d2-d2:|
|:AB AG|A=B cA|GA GF|EF GE|AB AG|A=B cA|fd ec|d2-d2:|

This tune is included in 1 document :-
The Fiddler's Tunebook 1951-3

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