Galopede. FTB.063 --- Yarmouth Reel,The. FTB.063

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X number   63
Title   Galopede. FTB.063, Yarmouth Reel,The. FTB.063
Country   England
Length   1/16
Rhythm   .Polka
Tempo   100
Transcriber   Chris Partington
Body   |:dc|B2Bc A2AB|G2{A}G2 {F}G2AB|cBcd edcB|A2A2 A2dc|
B2Bc A2AB|G2G2 G2AB|cBAG FGAF|G2G2 G2:||
dc|B2gf e2ed|dcBc A2dc|B2gf edcB|A2A2 A2dc|
B2gf e2ed|dcBc A2dc|BdcB AcBA|G2G2G2||
Bc|d2{e}d2 {c}d2g2|d2d2 d2g2|d2d2 edcB|A2A2 A2Bc|
d2d2 d2g2|d2d2 d2g2|edcB dcBA|G2G2G2|]

This tune is included in 1 document :-
The Fiddler's Tunebook 1951-3

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