Lass On The Strand,The. FTB.101 --- Belfast Hornpipe,The. FTB.101

29th of May ,The. JWDM.04 -- King Enjoys His Own Again,aka. JWDM.04Tune list
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2d. Quick Step. 42d. Regt.
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X number   101
Title   Lass On The Strand,The. FTB.101, Belfast Hornpipe,The. FTB.101
Country   England
Length   1/8
Rhythm   .Hornpipe
Tempo   180
Transcriber   Chris Partington
Body   g>a|b>gd>B G>Bd>g|f>ec>AE2e2|d>cA>F D>cB>A|G>AB>cd2g>a|
b>gd>B G>Bd>g|f>ec>AE2e2|d>cA>F D>cB>A|G2B2G2:|
|:a2|g>ec>A ^G>AB>c|d>ef>^ga2b2|a>ge>c A>gf>e|f>dA>FD2a2|
g>ec>A ^G>AB>c|d>ef>^ga2b2|a>ge>c A>gf>e|d2f2d2:|

This tune is included in 1 document :-
The Fiddler's Tunebook 1951-3

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