Masons(?) Song Quick Step. JMP.041 --- Yorkshire Lasses,aka. JMP.041

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X number   41
Title   Masons(?) Song Quick Step. JMP.041, Yorkshire Lasses,aka. JMP.041
Area   Perth
Bibliography   Village Music project, Miller, John
Country   Scotland
History   1799
Length   1/8
Notes   Double bar is shown as having dots either side of it. In other words,, there is a B music somewhere., Key is probably given as G major - photocopy very dark
Rhythm   .March
Source   John Miller MS. Perth, 1799.(for the fife)
Tempo   3/8=110
Transcriber   vmp.C. Graebe
Body   "_See note re key"A2 | dAG FGA | Aed cBA | dcd efg | agf edc |!
dAG FGA | Bed cBA | dcd efg | fdd d2 :|

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Miller, John

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