Queens March. JMP.49

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X number   49
Title   Queens March. JMP.49
Area   Perth
Bibliography   Village Music project, Miller, John
Composer   "54"
Country   Scotland
History   1799
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/miller.abc
Notes   Most unusually for Mr. Miller, the key signature is given as D. At the, end there is a $ = repeat to sign and the word 'end' and two dots but, no bar lines.
Rhythm   .March
Source   John Miller MS. Perth, 1799.(for the fife)
Tempo   1/2=90
Transcriber   vmp.C. Graebe
Body   A | "_as writ"d3 A>BA>G z | F2D2F2A2 | d3f e3 f | g>fe>d d>cB>A |!
d4 A>BA>G | F2D2F2A2 | d>fe>d a2 gf | e2 e>e e2 z :|!
|:e>f | g3 e d>cB>A | .f2 .d2 .f2 .d2 | g3 e d>cB>A | .a2 .f2 .a2 .f2 |!
d3f e3 f | d>cB>A a3g | f>ef>g f2 e2 | d2 d>d d :|

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Miller, John

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