Jockeys Hornpipe,The. JMP.059 --- Jack in the horse Course. JMP.059 --- Harmonious Blacksmith,aka. JMP.059

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X number   59
Title   Jockeys Hornpipe,The. JMP.059, Jack in the horse Course. JMP.059, Harmonious Blacksmith,aka. JMP.059
Area   Perth
Bibliography   Village Music project, Miller, John
Composer   "64...Harmonious Blacksmith"
Country   Scotland
History   1799
Length   1/8
Rhythm   .Hornpipe
Source   John Miller MS. Perth, 1799.(for the fife)
Tempo   1/2=90
Transcriber   vmp.C. Graebe
Body   B2 e2 d2 cB | A2 BA GFED | GDGB AGAB | GDGB AGAB |!
B2 e2 d2 cB |A2 BA GFED | c2 BA B2 AG | EGFA G4 :|!
|:d2 g2 f2 ed | e2 fe dcBA | dAdf edef | dAdf edef |!
d2 g2 f2 ed | e2 fe dcBA | g2 fe f2 ed | Bdce "D.C."d4 |]

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Miller, John

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