95th Psalm,To the. JMP.104

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X number   104
Title   95th Psalm,To the. JMP.104
Area   Perth
Bibliography   Village Music project, Miller, John
Country   Scotland
History   1799
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/miller.abc
Notes   O come loud Anthems Let us sing. Halllelejah., Sound thanks to our Almighty King. Hallellujah., For we our voices high will raise. Hallellujah., When our salvations rock we praise. Hallellujah, , Written upside down above the tune is what may be, 'londen Dul' - Dulwich Barracks
Rhythm   .psalm
Source   John Miller MS. Perth, 1799.(for the fife)
Transcriber   vmp.C. Graebe
Body   "See abc for words"D2F2GAD2 | G2 (G/A/ B2) (B2A4) || \
(FGAD G2) (FGAB) F2E2 D4 ||\
D2G2 A/ B AB | G2 (FG)(F2E4) | (FGAD G2) (F>G) (F2E2) D4 ||\
A/ c d2 e2 A2 d2 e2 (f2e4) (cdeA d2) cd | (c2B2) A4 || \
F2 (AB) (cA) DF | G2 B2 (B2A4) | (dcdA Bcd) e2 (cd) d4 |]

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Miller, John

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